El Restaurane Imaginario

Every day just for you


Our bread oven… We are happy cooking the flavors and ingredients of the Mediterranean, with its traditions, cultures and history. We cook with proximity, respect for the environment, health and the senses. We handcraft all the recipes we serve, starting with our renowned artisan sourdough bread. Our suppliers share with us this philosophy, they are farmers, breeders, cheese makers, mills, local businesses, and always prioritizing the quality and sustainability of our shopping basket.

It is called «the imaginary restaurant» not because we imagine, but because for two decades I have been imagining how I would have liked my restaurant to be, what activities would take place in it and what gastronomic orientation made me feel happy. And yes, it has turned out that as many activities take place in the restaurant as possible. It is always a restaurant, every day that we open we do it as such, but it is also a school for both children and adults; sometimes our dining room is here and others in any place where we can bring the taste for gastronomy closer to you. We have a kitchen that moves beyond these four walls. Art exhibitions, presentations, film set, theater or music stage, nearby products market, tastings, harmonized dinners, gastronomic and social workshops… Plademunt is not just a place but aims every day to be part of you, the neighborhood, the city, the community, society and its concerns, needs and demands.

One of the fundamental pillars of our philosophy and day to day is bread. A real bread, with natural ingredients, a healthy and rested process and a result that takes us to travel to the past and to our real villages. Many years before giving the restaurant its name, I already knew that it was going to knead, and a lot!

I started with the essential, training. Informal cooking courses, workshops, books, lots of practice and two great initiators. Susana Pérez, from Webosfritos. There was a before and after that workshop because I realized how much people wanted to eat good bread. And then a course with Xavi Barriga from Turris. Where I discovered the method that would help me find the space for a bakery inside a restaurant.

Since 2014 every day we manage to reach your tables with our breads. In 2019 we were recognized as The Best Bakeries of Madrid.

The first day we opened the doors of Plademunt we had already amassed our future.

What breads can you find in Plademunt, the Imagiary Restaurant?

TRADITIONAL: Semi-whole wheat ECO with 10% sourdough.

RYE: ECO wholemeal rye (you can choose the proportion).

SPELT: Whole wheat spelt ECO (the proportion you can choose)

TRITORDEUM: Whole wheat tritordeum ECO (the proportion you can choose)

SEEDS: Semi-wholemeal with seeds and nuts

BRIOCHE: Castilian brioche with sourdough and yeast

SEASON: breads that adapt to the calendar.

RESERVE YOUR BREAD 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE: 918776337 – 637133000