About Plademunt


The third time was the charm. I waited until I saw myself, or rather, felt sure of what I was doing, although it was true that I was aware that it was only a feeling, as the reality would not match what I had planned. The concept, the philosophy and the experience in the sector were clear and strong. Everything else was entering an unknown terrain that has not led to this point, six years later. In my favour I can say that most of what was laid out in my business plan and my ideologue of what my restaurant should be has come to fruition or is more or less close to fruition or on track. And of course there have been thousands of surprises along the way, which I have enjoyed, suffered and, above all, learned from.

It is called “the imaginary restaurant” not because we imagine, but because for two decades I have been imagining how I would have liked my restaurant to be, what activities would take place in it and what gastronomic orientation would make me feel happiest. And yes, it has turned out that as many activities take place in the restaurant as possible. It is always a restaurant, every day that we open we do it as such, but it is also a school for both children and adults; sometimes our dining room is here and other times it is anywhere where we can bring the taste for gastronomy closer to you. We have a kitchen that moves beyond these four walls. Art exhibitions, presentations, film sets, theatre or music stages, local produce markets, tastings, harmonised dinners, gastronomic and social workshops… Plademunt is not just a venue but aims to be part of you, the neighbourhood, the city, the community, society and its concerns, needs and demands every day.

We are happy cooking the flavours and ingredients of the Mediterranean, with its traditions, cultures and history. We cook with proximity, respect for the environment, health and the senses. All the recipes we serve are handmade, starting with our renowned artisan sourdough bread. Our suppliers share this philosophy with us, they are farmers, livestock breeders, cheese makers, mills, local businesses, and we always prioritise quality and sustainability in our shopping basket.

Where are we going? I don’t know if we will always stay in the same location, but with the same concept. There will not be two Plademunt’s open at the same time. We will manage to open an artisan bread bakery. Yes, we will work our vegetable garden at some point. Yes, we will continue to fight from our trade for a healthier, happier and more sensitive world. We will not stop thinking about you, our customer, who every day fans the flame to keep on cooking.